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Studies also show that folic acid may also help prevent some congenital heart defects and pre-term delivery. Brought to you by a group of scientists and medical experts, VitaTrack Folate Tracker is an easy way to give your baby the best possible start you can by consuming the required amount of folic acid prior to and during pregnancy.

Who should use VitaTrack Folate Tracker?
VitaTrack is an essential tool for women who are:
  • Planning to get pregnant
  • Currently pregnant
  • Currently lactating

VitaTrack Folate Tracker will help ensure you get enough folic acid for your baby’s health and development.
  • Enter the food and vitamins you consume by simply selecting menu items and portion sizes
  • Easy-to-read graphs instantly tell you if you are meeting the Recommended Dietary Allowance for folic acid
  • Best of all, It’s FREE!

The Fine Print
Requires iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or greater software.

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