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Is fast, packed with features, and built with the user in mind. It will change the way you take photos on the iPhone.
  • Self-Timer – set a custom delay for timed photos. Perfect for group shouts or self-portraits. Includes audible countdown notification.
  • Time Lapse – take multiple photos spaced at your preferred interval. Snap photos as fast as 1 second apart, or up to 2 minutes apart.
  • Continuous Rapid-Fire – take unlimited photos, up to 1.3 frames per second. (That’s fast)! Just press and hold the shutter to take as many photos as you want at super high speed.
  • Auto-Save – Keep shooting while your photos auto-save in the background. No more waiting to save before you can shot again. Snap away, uninterrupted.
  • Press Anywhere – Turn the whole screen into a shutter button. Press anywhere to take a photo. Photograph yourself with ease!
  • 3-Shot Burst – Take three quick photographs in rapid succession. Never miss a second of the action. Plus, no more photos ruined when someone blinks!
  • Grid Overlay – Take your photography to the next level. Create more interesting photographs using the rule of thirds in your composition. Also great for lining up horizons or buildings.
  • Bubble Level – Take steady, level shots every time. Works in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Ideal for shots of horizons, landscapes and more. Calibrate the bubble level easily.
  • Share – Upload or share photos without ever leaving the app.
  • Tips – Helpful tips on how to take better shots with your iPhone.

  • The Fine Print
    Requires iPhone 3.1 or greater software.

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